After putting in a man of the match display in the Champions League final, Liverpool fans world over were looking for some good news on a potential transfer, however according to Bayern Munich chief Karl-Heinz Rummenige no contact from the Reds has been forthcoming.

Speaking to Bild Rummenige says

“We always read a lot about Liverpool, but they haven’t contacted us yet. Yesterday we had the appointment with our employees and his whole family was there and they wandered around the square in great nostalgia (in the Allianz Arena; editor’s note), I would almost say. That looked a lot like goodbye, as if he had made up his mind. “

BTK Opinion

There seems to be a lot of games be played out in the press which is most likely coming from the Thiago camp, I would not expect Liverpool to contact Bayern until they know a deal can be done and at the moment until the move someone off that is not possible.