Adrian may only be at the club for less than a week but with the injury to Alisson which will keep him out between 3-6 weeks the Spanish goalkeeper is set for an extended stay between the sticks.

They say change is a good thing and while we all could agree that Adrian is not as the same standard as Alisson how does he compare to the man he replaced as Liverpool’s backup goalkeeper Simon Mignolet.

It would be unfair to compare the players over the last season as both spent the majority of the season on the bench with their respected clubs so instead we had a look at the 2017/18 season where they both played 19 games in the league.

Adrian compare to mignolet
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As we can see from the above metric the Belgian keeper did concede 5 less goals however that would be expected as Liverpool would have a better overall defence in front of Mignolet than WestHam would have had in front of Adrian.

With that said we can see that Adrian had a much higher save percentage and while this also shows he would face more shots than Mignolet he does all save more shot, like Alisson we can also see that Adrian has no problem playing the sweeper keeper role coming out 15 times to make a clearance.

Unlike Alisson however he does not like to throw out as much with a very low score of 47 versus Mignolet who throw out 102 times to restart the game.

It would be silly to say that Liverpool will not miss Alisson while he is out however the fact that he was ahead of the likes of Pepe Reina as a replacement for a departing Simon Mignolet it does show that the Liverpool staff were confident they had the right man in just in case the worse case scenario was to happen.