European super league and the faux outrage


They are no bad ideas just decisions and the idea of a European super league is not necessarily a bad one however the decision not to first engage with fans, managers and players certainly is.

There has been a lot of faux outrage of late coming from Gary Neville, Sky, BT, journalist and fans regards the creation of a European super league where billionaire owners have basically said the ball is mine and I am taking it home with me.

But I for one try not to get dragged into the hyperbole and instead prefer to wait until I have all the facts of the matter before coming to a decision on how I feel and while I am still on the fence I can see the merits behind it.

The outrage however from the likes of Sky has really got on my goat, this is the same company who happily ripped apart the old first division so they could sell satellites, the same company that during a pandemic was charging fans £15 a pop to watch Liverpool vs Sheffield United and the same company who is now looking for a rebait from clubs of £20m each because the game is not the same without fans.

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has had plenty to say, yes the same Gary Neville that is part of a consortium that purchased Salford City while they were in non league and signed players such as Adam Rooney who was reported to be on £4,000 pw while on average other players in the same league earn £400 pw, this is also the same Neville who has sacked 4 managers in 182 as he demands promotion every year until he gets to the promised land of the premier league and we are to believe that Neville is a saviour and voice of the fans, give me a break.

Now lets get it straight the European super league is nothing more than rich clubs deciding that now is the time to pull up the draw bridge as not only are the losing money due to the pandemic but also because they know they cannot compete with the likes of Manchester City, PSG, Chelsea and possibly Newcastle down the road who literally have oil to burn, the likes of Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal and even United realise only too well they are ever only 2 years away from being left behind for good.

But if the Super league is not the answer what is ?

For me the answer has to come down to regulations which would allow the owners of these clubs a degree of certainty going forwards

  • Salary cap on wages
  • Spending cap on transfer fees (example 50% of income)
  • Allow them to negotiate their own TV deals internationally
  • 3pm kick-offs to be aired not only on pay tv but also on free to air (BBC red button)
  • fewer games to avoid player burnout, this can easily be done by getting rid of FA Cup replays, league cup two legged semi finals and even reduce the number of PL teams to 18

But the above must also come at a cost to the owners and this is where the fans come in, fans also need certainty when it comes to ticket prices, the spiralling cost of tv subscriptions, racism on and off the pitch to be dealt with severely and safe standing.