All the summer long Liverpool have been linked to new Arsenal signing Pepe, mainly it must be said by the French media but were Liverpool ever even interested in the winger or was it all fake news.

However the local journalist covering Liverpool were far from convinced with Melissa Reddy even going so far to say the club had contacted Lille earlier in the summer to advise them that we were not interested in the player & Dominic King coming out with this deal will never happen.

But what was the truth were the Reds ever truly interested? had the six time European Champions lost out to a team who will be playing Europa League next season ?

Well it turns out that like the local media were saying, Liverpool were never interested in the first place with the Lille chief Gerard Lopez said: “We spoke to Inter, Atlético, Manchester United or PSG in recent weeks. Napoli and Arsenal were finally in balance at the end..”

Questions can be asked whether or not Liverpool should have been in for the player but this saga seems to have been agent talk to drive up the cost of the player and nothing more.